American Radical

And all he did was simply state the truth. Plain truth – free of embellishment.

3 Responses to “American Radical”
  1. Calf says:

    How would this make any difference in the world or restrain Israel from doing whatever it’s doing whatsoever? Just another voice to be suppressed (or suppressed already) by the Zionist Propaganda Machine…

  2. al. says:

    Well for one, the more the Zionist propaganda machine tries to suppress voices of dissent, the more it defeats its purpose by indirectly empowering their voices. Who would’ve thought that a simple professor would get so much free publicity? When Israel denies Norman Finkelstein entry, one wonders what grave sin he committed to earn him Israel’s scorn, maybe it’ll make you research his work a bit to understand what all the fiasco is about. If you’re logical and unbiased and can appreciate truth when you hear it, you’ll know that Norman Finkelstein has been the victim of another of Israel’s attempts to defame those who speak against it.

    How will it make a difference in the world? More people will know the truth.

    Will it restrain Israel from whatever it’s doing? Maybe not now or anytime in the near future, but on the long run, I believe it will. At least the more it becomes under the scrutiny of the entire world, the more it’ll pay heed to how it ‘appears’ as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’.

    But I, too, share with you my skepticism of Israel’s ‘unaffectedness’ by anything. This still doesn’t mean we should stop trying, am I wrong?

  3. Calf says:

    Not at all. I agree with you. But I can’t help but think that if he were a serious enough threat that Israel would’ve put a bullet to his head long ago and then have us all believe that he ‘mysteriously disappeared of natural causes.’ I guess that would backfire though since he’s gotten so much publicity now. All fingers would point back to the Mossad and a new shitstorm ensues. Repeat cycle. Ugh.

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