American Radical

And all he did was simply state the truth. Plain truth – free of embellishment. Advertisements

‘We don’t belong to a nation, but damn you all, we belong to a people’*

Because he says it better than anyone else. From Fawaz Turki’s The Disinherited, 1974: 1. Flight: I am aware that I have been stateless for nearly all of my twenty-nine years; that I have lived and grown up in a refugee camp on the edge of the desert; that except for those freckle-nosed bureaucrats in … Continue reading

Dear Israeli,

Today is many things. Today there will be people popping open their champagne bottles, dancing to the tunes of singers flown from worldwide to celebrate. Today there will be fabricated speeches spewed at the blinded masses. Faces alight with jubilation, hearts swollen with pride, eyes beaming with tears moved by the (apparent) significance of today. … Continue reading