Free writing is a technique I first learned in high school that was supposed to help me unblock all my thoughts and subsequently let them out on paper without even thinking about how logical or reasonable they may be just letting them all out aaaall out like a dam broken down to let all that water out I’m not sure this works well though because I seem to be more preoccupied by typing every word that comes across my mind without letting any go and sometimes I pause which I know is a big mistake when it comes to free writing because you’re supposed to write like you’re running for your life at least that’s what my teacher used to tell me but then in university in one of my philosophy classes my professor who was brilliant taught us this technique with a twist to it. He made us listen to a piece by someone I forget who will get the name later a piece that is purely instrumental and I remember what sounded like airplanes and car engines and everything mechanical which made sense then because we were talking about modernity and the impact of industrialization on our personalities and identities as human beings or machines or what have you so yeah my professor made us write on the notion of abstraction listening to that mechanically instrumental piece and it felt great letting all that energy out without thinking with just listening to your thoughts on the backdrop of machine sounds that felt very dry and cold yet warm and like they were embracing your thoughts the angry ones the confused ones the lost ones because that’s what abstraction and modernity are all about we all feel lost and swimming in a dark deep ocean aiming nowhere going nowhere because there are too many distractions that invite us but limit us because they’re just too many so what am I trying to say here this is so hypnotic I’m not even looking at the screen right now and am not sure where this is going but it sure feels liberating to just write what you think without having to worry that someone will be reading this and you have to sound intelligent and on top of things well I’m not right now I’m not on top of things and I don’t think I will be for a very long time until I figure out what it is that drives me my drive my niche what is it until I know I don think I’ll be together at all and I don’t think I’ll be adding value of any sort and it feels terrible to think that because I love writing and feels awful when I can’t contribute through words do you get me do you get me do you and I paused because I’m not sure you’ll get me through this I’m not sure why I’m doing this it just feels like the best thing to do given my state of mind at this point in my life at this moment that seems like it‘ll stretch for a very long time a very long time.

7 Responses to “Run-on”
  1. wanderer7 says:

    automatic writing is even better! channel spirits and off-world entities!

    give it a go. ….

  2. dino$ says:

    aloosh i will try this but i am worried sho il khababees il ra7 titla3 ma3i!

    u should conribute your writings to the world i feel the world is missing out !

    mwa la la la la love yaw

  3. Dino$ says:

    aloosh i left u a comment her liesh masa7teeha?! did i say something fadee7a ?

  4. al. says:

    wanderer7: how is automatic writing different from free writing?

    Dinos:I didn’t delete anything! Aslan I didn’t see any other message from you! Write it again..haha, what did you say??

  5. al. says:

    haha dudi, now I get it. My comment moderator directed your comment to spam. I had to retrieve it…sorry!! 7atta il moderator byitmaskhar 3aleiki :p laf ya

  6. Saha says:

    perhaps liberating because instead of analysing the mind jut floats amongst the words?!!

  7. al. says:

    True Saha, I guess there’s something healthy about letting loose for a bit and allowing thoughts to flow unhindered 🙂

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