(to my late uncle)

My brother said, a good man in wild times.

And you were. And you are.

May you rest in scented grains; may they be your abode.

May His mercy envelop you; may it comfort your heart.

Your pain was not eternal;

may your bliss be.


4 Responses to “(1950-2008)”
  1. Dino$ says:


    Allah yir7amo wa wa yirfa3 darajato wa yidkhilo janat al ferdaws al 2a3la wa yisabirkom wa ya3athim 2ajrkom.

    Love u aloosha anything u need ana here


  2. al. says:

    Thanks Dandoun, I know ma bit2asri, love you back đŸ™‚

  3. za3tar says:

    My god rest his soul in peace.

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