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That’s all.

no words

It feels like someone died in here. *sigh*

Lift me ups [1]

On losing & finding my mind (metaphorically speaking)

I am now experiencing what it feels like to be a total stranger. I’m amongst my family -paternal and maternal, immediate and extended, yet I feel as though I know no one. It’s funny how the better I come to know my self, the more my self becomes alienated from those around me. Is it … Continue reading

American Radical

And all he did was simply state the truth. Plain truth – free of embellishment.

‘We don’t belong to a nation, but damn you all, we belong to a people’*

Because he says it better than anyone else. From Fawaz Turki’s The Disinherited, 1974: 1. Flight: I am aware that I have been stateless for nearly all of my twenty-nine years; that I have lived and grown up in a refugee camp on the edge of the desert; that except for those freckle-nosed bureaucrats in … Continue reading

Dear Israeli,

Today is many things. Today there will be people popping open their champagne bottles, dancing to the tunes of singers flown from worldwide to celebrate. Today there will be fabricated speeches spewed at the blinded masses. Faces alight with jubilation, hearts swollen with pride, eyes beaming with tears moved by the (apparent) significance of today. … Continue reading

Snapshot I

Reflective by A.R. Ammons* I found a weed that had a mirror in it and that mirror looked in at a mirror in me that had a weed in it * “Reflective” from The Really Short Poems of A.R. Ammons.


Free writing is a technique I first learned in high school that was supposed to help me unblock all my thoughts and subsequently let them out on paper without even thinking about how logical or reasonable they may be just letting them all out aaaall out like a dam broken down to let all that … Continue reading


(to my late uncle) My brother said, a good man in wild times. And you were. And you are. May you rest in scented grains; may they be your abode. May His mercy envelop you; may it comfort your heart. Your pain was not eternal; may your bliss be. Amen.